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Getting More Out of Your Meeting in DC

Get more out of your corporate event by stepping out of the office. A different environment can be refreshing and can help provide your peers with a clearer mindset. Scout venues in Washington, DC that are designed for impactful, distraction-free functions so read more on how you can use it to the best of your advantage.
Corporate professionals are finding newer and better ways to make meetings more productive. By utilizing different methods of conveying information, we are entering a world that emphasizes elevated communication in order to increase work output. For your next business meeting in Washington, DC incorporate these innovative tips in order to get the most out of your peers,

Smart Tips for Productive Meetings

  • State the Objective - A basic agenda, shared in advance with any relevant documents, keeps everyone on track. Strip away from the details and stick to a list of issues that are of high priority. This helps teams discuss only what is needed without straying away from the topic at hand.
  • Be Exclusive - Put a cap on how many people attend. No one wants to be in a situation where they're being made to feel like an accessory to a corporate discussion. Lesser attendees mean personalized attention and allow you to focus on fewer individuals, rather than a crowd. It is also economical to limit your audience!
  • Time Yourself - It's very easy to get lost in the details, and that's why an agenda helps! Stick to it and plan how long each discussion will take. Not only will this teach punctuality, but it also prevents the meeting from spilling over the amount of time that was planned.
  • Ditch Powerpoint - With the way technology is improving, presentations can be more interactive. Tools like Canva or InDesign can be utilized to design innovative animations. With modern applications, you can help inspire your peers during your meeting.
  • Unplug Your Laptops - Try to discourage the use of laptops as a mode of taking notes during your meeting. Unfortunately, information retained drastically reduces when working on a laptop while attending a corporate gathering. It eats through valuable time that could be spent listening. Ask attendees to keep their devices away and this allows them to focus more on the agenda.
  • Change the Scenery - It's easy to get used to existing amenities in the workplace, and it probably simplifies the process if you were to organize a meeting in your own office. Don't miss out on an opportunity to help offer new surroundings for better productivity!

Meeting Venues in DC

When looking for a place to offer your peers a change of atmosphere, look no further than the Washington Plaza Hotel. Along with our flexible, intuitive Washington, DC meeting facilities and floor plans, our hotel's contemporary décor and modern design exude an atmosphere of stylish professionalism. Plan your meeting and choose from 12 distinctive boardrooms and flexible layouts, for a productive corporate event!
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